Jase & Mike

Jason GIbbens (Jase)

Jase has always enjoyed the tourism sector and traveling in general after being a part of the team at Jucy Rentals around 10 years ago. The interaction with all different people from all around the world gave him a great sense of enjoyment in helping people see our beautiful New Zealand through camper vans and other tourism related activities, so it was a natural progression to launch Lokell Adventures with best mate Mike!

He has had passion for travel, people and vehicles since a young age. Born in the South Island where his parents would take him on camping trips with family and friends to enjoy and experience the outdoors.

Having traveled nearly the whole of New Zealand over three times, the thrill and excitement of a road trip has never weakened. Now adding the ability to see and show people the country with the use of four wheel drive vehicles that can go practically anywhere along with the best roof top tents and equipment available has been a truly fulfilling experience to be a part of .

The dream of owning a Land Rover Defender or Toyota Land Cruiser really ignited the spark to create the business in a relatively new sector of the tourism industry in New Zealand. After all… is there a better way to see new sights than a legendary Defender or Land Cruiser!?

“Get out and see it!” and we will see you there :)

Michael Newnham (Mike)

Mike’s passion for 4x4ing started at a young age where his grandfather Mick and farther Tony used to take him on week long fishing trip’s along some of New Zealand’s most remote beach’s only accessible via 4x4.

His grandfather had a Series 1 Land Rover as his weapon of choice. This was the start of his love for the character and charm a Land Rover Series and Defender carried.

He has learned to love most 4x4 vehicles, to which has owned almost every make and has had a lot of fun doing so! Modifying 4x4’s and putting them to the test in extreme conditions. Since having 2 Daughters (Kaia & Amara) to his wife Beka, they have taken a more tame but equally exciting approach to 4x4ing that is touring New Zealand and camping in remote places, showing the kids how to get out and see what this beautiful country has to offer.

Getting out and exploring New Zealand (wether its fishing, diving, hunting or 4x4ing) has been a huge part of his life and the soul influence in starting a lifestyle business with his best mate Jase who shares the same passion and the same “Get out and see it” attitude.

Making his passion & hobby a business has been a dream come true!

Together we bring you Lokell Adventures

“We Live it, You’ll Love it!'“

Jase & Mike

Lokell Adventures